Finally the 17 Indians convicted for murder can go home

In September 2011, 17 Indians convicted for murder were due for release after paying ‘Diya’ blood money to a Pakistani national. However two of the injured men sought compensation too, and this has now been settled too. The men are bound to return to India soon.

“The Civil Court of First Instance in Sharjah pronounced its judgement on Thursday (January 17) after hearing all the merits of the case. Both the individuals who were injured in the incident will be paid a sum of Dirhams 50,000 each. The other party has the right to appeal but we are confident that this will be the end of this matter,” Bindu Sursh Chettur, the lawyer handling the case told PTI.

The convicts were awarded a total of 30 months of imprisonment, but have already served 4 years, since the murder that took place in January 2009, over a bootlegging case.

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