forecasters say the summer has not started yet in the country

Major temperature fluctuations are expected to continue as the season transitions in the UAE, forecasters said, refuting misconceptions that summer has begun.

Forecasters from the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) said the next two days will continue to have fair weather with maximum temperatures reaching 40C to 42C, before it goes down again.

“This case is not something you can control and it’s not yet summer. We’re still in the transition period. Currently, temperature will keep increasing, then decreasing and so on. For example, on Sunday we expect the maximum to reach 42C. But if you go back a few days, the maximum recorded about 28C,” the forecaster said.

“So we can see a temperature difference of up to 12C in general.”

The hot air mass affecting coastal areas now is primarily due to the gentle southerly wind coming from the desert. This is the reason why the mercury could reach up to 40C at this time.

“Summer in the UAE, geographically starts on June 21. But even as early as May, we will already see hot weather towards the higher 30s like 37C to 38C. It will go even higher, around 40C, by June.”

Relative humidity will be at around 60 per cent due to the wind source.

The Arabian Gulf and Oman Sea will be slight to moderate in general.



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