Gaining weight in UAE? Here’s why

That extra flab you have suddenly put on after shifting base to the UAE has many villains: Unhealthy lifestyle, frequent food takeaways and lack of exercise being the biggest ones.

“It’s not just one reason but a combination of things including high carbohydrate diets, high sugar intakes, sugary or carbonated drinks, processed food, late dinners, food sensitivities and poor digestive health.”

We bring to you top 5 reasons why weight gain is a common problem in the emirates:

High temperature
Who prefers going for an outdoor activity when the temperature is touching 40 degrees? You end up retiring yourself indoors to skip the searing sun. Not going out because of the rising mercury can add to your waistline. If you don’t go for a run anymore, at least engage in exercise at a gym or in the comforts of your home during the hot months.

Munching out
If you have moved to Dubai recently, you must have heard about the Friday brunches that are marked on people’s calendars. Majority of expats end up eating out after their long working hours or are too lazy to cook. Why would you cook if there is a restaurant at every corner and they home deliver your food for free? Or if there are offers for each day of the week?

High-stress jobs
If the first thing you think about is dreading your work for the day, you are in a wrong or high-stress job. Stress adds pounds to your body as it increases levels of the cortisol hormone, which increases fat storage and appetite. So, if you are feeling the weight already, make changes in your lifestyle and introduce exercise, meditation or yoga too.

Sleep is not your priority
Do you keep lying on your bed watching a television series or the new originals on Netflix? Maybe, night is the only time for you to catch with family and friends back home but don’t let them affect your sleep patterns. Not getting enough sleep (7 hours at least) can negatively affect your hunger hormones and increase your cravings for sugary or fatty bites.

Not drinking enough water
Without listing down any explanation here, let us begin with the premise that you need to stay hydrated through the day. Drinking water in regular intervals can be a hunger suppressant as your stomach will be always full. On the contrary, your body may confuse hunger with thirst if you don’t drink enough glasses a day. If not water, add juices or decaffeinated tea or coffee to have the liquid flowing.

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