Get a ‘furrever’ friend this Valentine’s Day


Ahead of Valentine’s Day, the British Veterinary Hospital is promoting the idea of gifting pets.

It got several canines together and put colourful ribbons on them to show how they can make the perfect present for your loved one.

“If you love pets, have the money and the time to take care of them, then they are a furrever on Valentine’s Day,” said Dr. Sara Elliott of British Veterinary Hospital.

“Pets often get more love than family members. If you love animals, they can be just right for you as they love unconditionally. Relationships can end with people but never with pets as they will always be there for you. Going on a walk with your dog can be a great stress reliever after a hard day at work,” said Elliott.

British expat Sandra Dawn who bought a Chihuahua in February last year said it was the best present she could give herself for Valentine’s Day.

“Micky was a stray and my heart went out to him when I found him in a foster home. Now she is like a family member,” she said.

Dr. Elliott however urged people to be responsible while buying pets.

Another expat Eddie Portman who bought a two-month old Pomeranian for his daughter said: “Dogs are a positive influence in our lives and I always wanted to gift my daughter one.”

According to a study, people in the US will spend roughly $700 million on their pets for Valentine’s Day this year.
While spending on pets in the UAE isn’t remotely close to this figure, shops selling Valentine’s Day themed apparel, dog collars and accessories are doing brisk business in Dubai.

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