Gireesh’s directorial debut has high expectations

Debutant director and first-time screenwriter, Gireesh has been busy with his project that will become an addition to the new line of Malayalam cinema. Gireesh’s romantic comedy ‘Ninnem Kollum Njaanum Chaavum’ is finally taking off after a long wait and is expected to get audiences curious.

The movie is reflective of new generation attitudes to love and break-ups and is also indicated in the title, which means ‘I will kill you and then kill myself.’

Ninnem-Kollum-Njaanum-Chaavum-Posters00-640x320The movie adds to the trend of new line cinema in Kerala in which directors experiment with new-comers, explore unorthodox themes, share varied perspectives and harbor realist angles on the story, much to the disinterest of commercial-movie lovers.

The rom-com revolves around the story of three friends, their love lives and mostly on what happens after their break-ups. High hopes are pinned on Gireesh who has previously worked as assistant to celebrated directors, Shyama Prasad and Lal Jose.



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