Image Courtesy Khaleej Times

Google Maps may help you spot your parked car in Dubai

Remember all those minutes wasted searching for your car in Dubai parking lots? If you do, then you know it’s hard especially during the summer months and the weekends. But now, Google will help you find your parked car (that looks the same as everybody else’s).

Google Maps will now come to your rescue as its new feature will help you spot your car.

Google Maps has updated a new parking feature in its beta version. The feature, available only if you are signed into Google Maps, will assist users to locate their cars by marking the location on the map, according to Mashable.

Once your location is saved, the app provides options like adding parking notes, photos, nearby area and time to remind you how long you have parked the car.

The new feature is currently available only for Android users and not for iOS, but Apple Maps on iOS 10 has a similar feature if you have a Bluetooth connection between your vehicle and iPhone.

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