Happy New Year – what an awful start to the year – 2 out of 5

Happy New Year could have been better if it was not an unabashed Atlantis Hotel-Dubai promotion film. The movie touted as extensively shot in Dubai has just two minutes of Dubai Malls and rest is Atlantis, Atlantis all the way. The plot revolves around Shahrukh Khan aka Charlie’s, adventure to extract revenge for the wrongful imprisonment of his father a reputed safe-vault maker by Jackie Shroff. SRK admitted in Kapil’s Comedy Show that when the story is not so good a big star-cast is required and this perhaps will be his most candid admission ever. The presence of Deepika Padukone with her street-drawl, the half-deaf Kunal Sood, the silly hacker (Naseruddin Shah’s son), and the shivering bawa Boman Irani could not pull it off. However, the efforts of Boman Irani are laudable!

The director forgot that movie is about the audience and not family-flagellation with Sajid Khan in a cameo, and the final-title song and rolling credits featuring the team with Farha Khan acting as the judge for the Worst Dance Competition, when in effect it HNY qualifies for the Worst Film Competition.

If you are a Shah Rukh Khan fan then all of the above does not apply. Rest of us can spend Diwali time better.

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