Heart of Pure Gold, Firoz Merchant frees 1000 more prisoners


Perhaps he named his company after his heart. Firoz Merchant, the chairman of Dubai’s reputed jewellery company Pure Gold plans to pay off debts and buy air tickets for Indian prisoners languishing in UAE jails for lack of money.

According to newspaper reports philanthropist Firoz Merchant plans to re-unite 1000 prisoners this Ramadan. “The bottom line is that we should try to send them back home during Ramadan,” said Mr Merchant. “One prisoner is equal to one family back home. They are the bread earners, so the longer they stay in jail, the more the family suffers.

“Ramadan is the month for giving so I want to put more effort to getting these prisoners in their own countries.”

Since he began clearing prisoners’ dues in 2011, Mr Merchant has spent Dh3.7m to free 3,700 inmates, including 500 this year.

He also plans to pay the debts of another 1,000 later this year.

Thank you Mr. Merchant.

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