How to apply for a PAN card

PAN CARD application process (updated on 29 Jan 2013)

Pan Card can be applied online by going to one of the following links:

For a Non Resident Indian who is available in India to receive the Pancard from Post the cost is Rs 96 only

For NRI who wants to receive the pancard by courier at Dubai the cost is Rs 962

Some of the banks make free pan card for their a/c holders. Please check if that is possible in your case

Following supporting documents are required:

1)      2 photograph of 3.5 cm * 2.5 cm (which will be stuck on left hand/ right hand top corner on page 1)

2)      Passport copy should have pages of photograph, passport validity, parents name, Indian address, visa(ikama) page. All pages(copies) need to be signed by applicant. Please ensure that the quality of the passport copy is good. The photo/ sign  in the copy should be clearly visible.

3)      Latest Original Bank A/c statement which should show the name of the applicant and his overseas address. It has to be signed by applicant.


Please note that the name in passport, bank statement and the name filled on pancard form should match with each other

In case you find it difficult to make an online application you can download the application form from:

Click on 1) PAN 2) Forms 3) Apply for PAN

Once you have printed the 2 pages of the form:

Total 3 signs are required in BLACK INK.

1 sign across the photo which is to be stuck on left hand top corner page 1

1 sign (2nd sign) in box under the photo stuck on right hand top corner page 1

1 sign (3rd sign) in box provided at right hand bottom corner on page 2

The 2nd and 3rd signs should be in centre of boxes. It should not touch the boundary of the boxes.

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