How to take care of your disproportionate assets

One has to read disproportionate assets not as physical attributes but as personal assets in the form of clothes, jewelry, and accessories.

Recently in a court verdict a very senior Indian politician was sentenced to jail and imposed a heavy fine for owning assets disproportionate to known source of income. In the news story that followed was mention of the person owning 750 pairs of shoes, and more than 10,000 saris.

How does one take keep a tab and take care of these assets? Are these tracked using some inventory system and a maintenance software that ensures that the assets are being periodically taken care of. Is there a maintenance contract given to some company or are these managed in-house so as to say?

We need some answers that will help other ladies who may not even have 1/10th of these disproportionate assets in their wardrobe.

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