Increase the vigil

The recent news of the death of a 4-year old school girl (Nisa Alam) has sent shock waves across UAE. Just to think what the child must have gone through in her last moments before she breathed her last send shivers down my spine.

Nisa’s sacrifice must be a lesson to parents and to school authorities. The tragic loss to the family will be hard to console but parents of young children will have to increase the vigil to ensure the safety and well-being of their children. Although school buses are now getting fitted with CCTV cameras and tracking devices, it seems that parents may now have to even put on tracking devices on children to ensure that the child is off the bus and in the class. Etisalat has a special app and a data package to track the movement of kids at a very special price of 49 dirhams per month. Click here for info

THe room for human error must be completely eliminated by putting in more technology. Heat sensors, movement sensors, voice-activated sensors are some of the technologies that can be put to good use. We also have incidents of children getting crushed by moving buses in school compounds and some cameras around the bus with proximity sensors will also go a long way in avoiding such accidents.

Parents are already under pressure due to high transportation fees and this technology investments will cause another load on them, but safety is paramount and parents will have to bear this cost. It is very unlikely that the government ministries relating to education or healthcare may financially assist hence the onus is on parents.

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