Indian Doctors shy away from Dubai for now

We in Dubai feel that doctors from India in public and private hospitals/clinics not only speak our mother tongue but are also better trained and experienced thus increasing the confidence in them.  And while we may think that medical care is expensive in Dubai, apparently the high salaries being paid to Indian doctors are not enough to attract them anymore to work here.

big_physicianThere is an acute shortage of doctors in hospitals and clinics catering to the Indian community here in the UAE, according to Dr Azad Mooppen, Chairman, DM Healthcare. Citing a need for a better salary structure, Dr Moopen stated that the number of new Indian doctors coming to the UAE has dropped.

“Even if we give a salary of Dh 25,000 per month, it is very difficult to recruit Indian doctors”.

To practice in the UAE one requires not just a  MBBS degree with post-graduation, but also a five years minimum experience. Doctors with this kind of qualification and experience find a practice in India to be more lucrative than in Dubai.

This is disturbing news for desis and sad that the quality of medical care is bound to suffer. We just hope that trained and experienced pharmacists don’t go the same way.

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