Indian embassy warns over ‘fake’ UAE job offers


The Indian Embassy in the UAE has exposed five fake job offers in the past few months, cautioning people to be aware of lucrative job offers made by unscrupulous recruitment agents.

Kapil Raj, Second Secretary (Passports, Education, Information and Culture), Embassy of India, Abu Dhabi, confirmed to Arabian Business that the embassy has unearthed more fake jobs in the past few months.

“Though such cases have been reported in the past, the numbers have gone up. There are still gullible people back in India who get lured by lucrative job offers,” he said.

While the embassy does issue advisories on social media to make people aware of “bogus employment” schemes, Raj said primarily the victims have been one who are not on social media.

“We have seen it is more of the people that are not on social media [platforms] that fall prey to such scams. These people have relatives in the UAE and are encouraged and inspired to come here because of the lifestyle that this country offers.”

Asked if the job scams were particularly amongst “unskilled” workers, Raj said that was not the case with educated people also being cheated.

“In one of the cases that we know of an educated person paid AED5,464 (Rs100,000) to an agent,” he said, clarifying the embassy cannot take any action against these unscrupulous agents located in India.

The embassy official confirmed they do check visas sent by Indian jobseekers and inform the authenticity. Visas can be emailed at

The UAE is home to almost 2.6 million Indians, with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) recently terming the migration of Indians to the UAE in 2015 to be the “second largest migration in the world”.



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