Indian epic ‘Mahabharata’ to be shot in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi will be transformed into a lush forest to provide the perfect location for the ambitious mythological epic Mahabharata, starring Mohanlal, by May 2018, said its Abu Dhabi-based producer Dr B.R. Shetty on Sunday.

Shetty, the UAE-based businessman who is willing to allocate a budget of Rs10 billion (Dh570 million) into this multi-lingual project, claimed elaborate sets will be erected in the capital to bring alive the sweeping tale of kings, warrior and powerful queens.

Choosing Abu Dhabi as the first filming location was his way to pay it forward to the region that awarded him all the wealth and success. The duration of the shoot in Abu Dhabi — a filming destination for films such as Star Wars and Bollywood action films Tiger Returns and Bang Bang — is yet to be decided but a substantial portion of the film will be shot here, said its makers.

“We will even create a forest and I have already spoken to the film commission about it … I didn’t come here with any money, so every dirham and fils was earned here in Abu Dhabi for the last 43 years. This is my way to pay it back to this country,” said Dr Shetty.

Directed by V A Shrikumar Menon, the ambitious tale will be spearheaded by award-winning actor Mohanlal.



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