Indian expat returning home after 48 years in Abu Dhabi


‘Being happy with what we have made our 48-year stay fruitful,’ says VP George who landed in UAE in 1968

Abu Dhabi: On his first day in Abu Dhabi, a hot summer morning in July 1968, he woke up in his one-room residence and looked outside the window to see a donkey carrying water containers. A man was loudly announcing the arrival of the animal carting the drinking water. His roommate told him not to buy the water, as they would get tap water — although intermittently for a limited time — in their room.

The next day, it was his turn to wake up at four in the morning to wait by the tap for slow-running water to fill the containers. “I used to sit half-asleep by the water tap until the containers were filled in an hour,” V.P. George, 68, recalled his initial days in the capital.

He had arrived on a visa to Abu Dhabi issued by the then Trucial States under the British. The British Consulate in Chennai (then Madras) in South India issued the one-year visa on July 1, 1968.


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