Indian jumps to death on Dubai Metro tracks

A homesick Indian flung himself on the Dubai Metro tracks to end his life because he was reportedly denied a passage home by his sponsor. The unfortunate incident occurred on Monday, December 3, on a track running parallel to the Sheikh Zayed Road on the Red line.  It was also the first case of suicide on the tracks of the 3 year old Dubai metro.  RTA and police are investigating how he got an access to the tracks to prevent recurrence in the future.  (It seems that he accessed the tracks via the emergency exit ladder).

The circumstances leading to his suicide are under investigation and the police is trying to ascertain why the victim’s sponsor delayed his return even after his visa was cancelled at his request to return home.

How do we get to help Indians before they take such drastic actions, and how do we chastise sponsors that are not sensitive to their staff.  The Indian Workers’ Resource Centtre (IWRC) hotline 800 46342 could be one hotline number  to contact in such a situation.

Source: Gulfnews