Indian minister offers help to 41 sailors stranded in UAE

ar-170109396-jpgmaxw780imageversion16by9ncs_modified20170106201808India’s External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Friday offered help to resolve a case of 41 Indian sailors stranded in Ajman anchorage.

The case was highlighted with the tweet of Anoop Pathak, a seafarer stranded onboard one of the four ships, MV Salem, on January 5. He sought help from the Prime Minister of India, External Affairs Minister and other senior officials. He wrote the ship had many holes and water was getting in to the ship. He said their company was not taking any action and they needed help.

Dubai Indian consulate has been asked to solve the problems of the sailors, said sources. They said two of the ships are in danger of sinking.

Families of the stranded sailors, who hail from different Indian states, also sought help from the Indian government.

There are four ships with 41 Indian crew members on board in the Ajman anchorage, 5 nautical miles (15 km) away from the port.

When we reached Anoop, captain on the ship M V Salem, over the phone he told Khaleej Times he was not getting salary for the last 10 months. “In fact, there are crew members who are here for last 18 months and got paid only for three months till now. We are supplied with very less food and water on the ship and it became worst when they stopped supplying enough fuel. Because of the holes in the ship, water started to flow in. We are scared and tried getting help from the company but nothing happened. We were told to complain only if anyone dies on board.

“Last time we were provided diesel on October 10. Because of the dearth of fuel, we could not pump out water from the ship. Now, we have to drain the water with our hands or by using buckets. We hope our government will interfere and try to resolve this issue as soon as possible,” he said.



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