Indian passenger dies on way to hospital

An Indian woman who had to be rushed to hospital from Dubai Airport minutes before her flight took off died on August 8, XPRESS has learnt.
Social worker Uma Padmanabhan told XPRESS S. Jyoti Satyanarayana Raju, a 57-year-old woman from Andhra Pradesh in India, was set to fly home on an IndiGo flight on July 9. “However, she complained of breathing difficulties at the airport and was rushed to Dubai Hospital. Her condition was so bad she had to be immediately put on a ventilator and given oxygen,” she said.
According to Padmanabhan Jyoti’s condition kept deteriorating. “Her lungs were failing and she was also detected with breast cancer. Nobody in the family knew about the cancer as she was either unaware of it earlier or had not talked about it. She passed away on August 8.”
Padmanabhan said Jyoti had come here a year and a half ago to work as a maid. “We have no details about the sponsor. She apparently came here via an agent. She was eager to go back and be with her son but that was not to be.”
Padmanabhan said she would be completing the death formalities and flying down with the body to hand it over to the family.

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