Indian schools begin new academic year

The new academic year (2017-18) for Indian schools started this week, with more than 30 Indian schools in Dubai alone reopening doors after the spring break.

A total of 36 Indian, Pakistani and Japanese schools in Dubai have started their new academic year, with some more opening on Tuesday and others by the end of the week.

Schools following all other curriculums are still on spring break, which lasts around three weeks. Those schools will reopen next week for their final term before the summer break, which starts in June.

There are many Indian schools in the UAE owing to the large number of Indian expats here — around 2.6 million. In Dubai alone, there are 33 Indian schools teaching almost 80,000 students.

According to Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority, this year’s inspection findings indicate that 65 per cent of students in Indian curriculum schools now attend schools that are rated ‘good’ or better, compared to 35 per cent when inspections started in 2009. Two Indian schools were rated ‘outstanding’ in the latest cycle.



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