Indian son meets his Uzbek mother after 18 years

It does not happen only in Bollywood. In a real life story, an Uzbek mother reunited with her Indian son in Dubai after 18 years.

A Bollywood movie-style story of an Uzbek woman who found her son in Dubai nearly 18 years after she left him when he was a baby appeared to have taken a happy turn when he invited her for dinner this week. The mother said she had given him his teddy bear which he had when he was a baby before she left the UAE “satisfied and happy.”

Quoted by Emirat Alyoum Arabic language daily, the woman said she felt much closer to her son after he invited her for dinner with his European girl-friend, adding that they spent nearly three hours during which they exchanged “warm” conversation.
“We hugged many times and I give him back his teddy bear, which I had decided to keep until I find him,” the mother said.

“I am now leaving the UAE satisfied and happy. I will never forget what Dubai’s police did for me. I wish I could kiss the heads of all those who helped me.”

Emirates 247 full story

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