Indian teacher serves the school for 37 years

Dubai: An Indian teacher who started teaching tiny tots in Dubai 37 years ago is retiring this month from The Indian High School’s junior campus in Al Garhoud.

The seniormost teacher at the school, May Barretto, had chosen teaching as her career in her hometown Mumbai in India. With a diploma in education, she taught kindergarten and grade one students in Fatima Devi English High School in the erstwhile Bombay for 10 years before flying to Dubai to join her husband who got a job here in 1979.

“I reached here in May 1979 and joined The Indian High School as a KG teacher on September 2, when the school reopened after summer vacation that year,” Barretto told Gulf News in an interview.

She vividly remembers the humble beginning of the school that currently hosts the highest number of students in Dubai. “It was just one school then. We were housed in porta cabins. The number of divisions was few and the children [joining KG] used to be small.”

She recollected the warm relationship that prevailed among teachers, students and parents. “Teaching was more fun with kids those days. We used to know the parents very well. We were very close to each other. Nowadays parents are more than demanding I would say. Those days things were more personal. Either they used to send letters in the diary or they used to come and meet us. There was no email or WhatsApp. It was quite a friendly atmosphere.”

“The syllabus was very vast … but it was mostly rote learning. Whatever we taught, the children learnt … The education system has changed a lot over the years. Now, it is more technology-oriented and activity-centred. Nowadays children are more intelligent … They think and want to ask why.”

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