Is Indigo putting fuel savings over customer comfort?

Indigo Airlines had three aircraft diverted to Sharjah Airport on Janurary 15, 2013, as they ran out of fuel circling Dubai airport late evening. Apparently, the airline was flying on low fuel and had to make an emergency landing at a nearby airport which happens to be Sharjah. The flight 6E 61 due to land at 9.00 pm was diverted to Sharjah, and left only at 11.45pm after refuelling. The captain informed that two other Indigo aircrafts were also diverted. The only refuel passengers got while waiting was cups of water !!

Conversation on the flight suggested that it was a regular practice to fly on low fuel to take advantage of better aviation fuel prices in Dubai. Airlines usually carry enough fuel to anticipate congestion contingencies, but perhaps Indigo has put cost economy over customer comfort.

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