Its Vishu Today!!

Keralites in the UAE will celebrate Vishu today.

Vishu is the beginning of the astronomical new year as the Sun crosses the equator. Keralites believe that viewing this an auspicious event which will bring  prosperity for the coming year.

The day usually falls on April 14 and starts with seeing the Vishukkani a special arrangement of raw rice, new clothes, fruits, vegetables, betel leaves, a mirror, yellow flowers called  ‘konna’  and coins, in a metal vessel called ‘uruli’. A traditional lamp called nilavilakku is lit near it.

On the morning of the New Year, the young and old are blindfolded in front of the Vishukani placed in front of their favorite deity and it’s the first thing they see in the morning.

Wishing all a Happy Vishu and a great year ahead.


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