Karisma Kapoor with participants of Annual Healthy Baby Contest 2017 in Dubai

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When it comes to taking care of the newborns, mothers must “go with their gut feeling” – this is the message Bollywood celebrity Karishma Kapoor has for all mothers.

Speaking exclusively to Khaleej Times on Friday at the Thumbay Hospital’s annual Healthy Baby Competition, Kapoor said that mothers should avoid getting overwhelmed by all of the different kinds of advice they are getting on how to take care of their babies.

She said the topic is of importance to her as she has two children of her own and she feels a bond with other women. Her sister Kareena Kapoor also had a baby boy recently.

She said: “Anything involving children means a lot to me. I have two children and discussing babies’ health is very important.

“I would like to connect with all mothers. I think we all have a strong bond with each other. The key message I would like to give to mothers is to be yourself. There are lots of the well-wishers out there but it’s your baby and go with your gut feeling.”

This is the 12th annual healthy baby competition that is being held by the Thumbay Hospital. More than 5,000 families turned up with their babies to participate in the contest.

The vice-president of the healthcare division at the hospital, Akbar Moideen Thumbay, said that the competition helps highlight health problems that are being developed in babies.

He said: “We thought having a competition would attract more people. If there is an issue with the baby it could come up during the event. There are many different kinds of issues that come up during the check, for example, when parents are not taking the babies regularly and they’re not getting their vaccinations on time this issues come up during the checkups.”

Thumbay added that the Bollywood actor’s visit will also help spreading awareness among the public about keeping newborn babies healthy and going for regular checkups.

Hospital breaks Guinness record

KhanThe Thumbay Hospital broke the Guinness World record of the largest online photo album of people holding a sign during the contest on Friday.A total of 33,000 people held a sign that read ‘be healthy, be happy’ at the event.




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