Lamborghini, Ferrari and more: Dubai police gets superfast


With the recent addition of the Lamborghini Aventador, Dubai Police Department is now adding a Ferrari FF to their fleet. Sporting the same green and white exterior finish, the Ferrari FF will be used as an attention grabber in popular tourist spots. Though we highly doubt that these cars will be used for high speed pursuit but hey, you never know.

If you thought that the Aventador and the Ferrari FF was overkill then you might be surprised that DPD will likely soon add a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and Bentley Continental GT to their already high powered super car fleet. A photograph was taken of the two white cars in same garage as the Aventador and the Ferrari FF. It appears as if they are awaiting their vinyl transformations and in the coming days will be wearing a green and white finish.

DPD could now have the most heavily stocked exotic police car collection the world and any person who thinks that they can out run these bad-boys should really think twice.

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