Longer school summer break in UAE

A longer school summer breaks this year in UAE, with 13 extra days covering both Eid Al Fitr and Eid Al Adha. As per academic calendar, the summer break for students starts on June 23 and ends on September 9 – almost two weeks longer than last year.

The Abu Dhabi Education Council confirmed that June 22 will be the last school day for students this academic year, with students returning to class on September 10. Similarly, the KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority), Dubai has also published the same summer breaks for private schools in Dubai on its website.

This year, Eid Al Fitr is expected to fall on June 25 while Eid Al Adha is estimated to occur on September 1. The exact dates will depend on the sighting of the moon. The arrangement means expat families going on summer holiday this year can celebrate both Eids with loved ones back home in one stretch.

Parents said they are looking forward to the summer break, especially because it is longer this year.



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