“My Fan Ramu” based on Director’s encounter with Salman Khan

Nikil Menon’s rise to fame was a most unlikely road. A trained vocalist, Menon, who has no formal film training and has sung in several films, is releasing his directorial debut in Kerala this week.

The film titled, “My Fan Ramu,” is based on Menon’s experience with Bollywood film star Salman Khan. After having won a competition, he got the opportunity to have dinner  and share an evening with the Bollywood icon. Much like his experience, the fan in the film gets the chance to not just meet with, but stay with his idol for 10 days, along with two of his friends.


The movie is a situational comedy with a whole lot of wit and whim at the expense of the ‘super star.’ The movie features model turned actor Rajeev Pillai along with Saiju Kurup, who co-wrote the script and plays the ‘fan’ in the movie. The film also stars Guinness Pakaru, Biju Kuttan, Malavika Wales and a couple of players from the representative state cricket team CCL Kerala Strikers.

All said and done, Menon does bring a certain level of expertise and support as the movie’s director. Although direction just happened to fall into his plate, Menon runs a film institute called Cochin Media School, and has interacted with several Malayalee directors who frequently visit his institute as guest faculty. Moreover, his father Krishna Kumar has produced films prior and supports his directorial decisions.


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