Naseeruddin Shah and family in Dubai for plays


Bollywood actor Naseeruddin Shah, wife Ratna Pathak Shah and their children, Heeba, Vivaan and Imaad, will stage the English play Riding Madly Off In All Directions on January 20 at Centrepoint Theatre, DUCTAC.

Written by British-born Canadian political scientist and humorist, Stephen Leacock, the set of five short stories are a satirical take on everyday happenings.

Directed by Shah, the five stand-alone plots will see Vivaan attempt to borrow a matchbox to light a cigar, while Heeba will play an early 20th-century working-class American woman trying to open a bank account.

Imaad, on the other hand, will play a card-conjuror’s victim.

Shah will be seen in a 3000AD avatar, prophesying the tragic impact of science on human race; while Pathhak blows emotions into Mathematics.

There will be two shows on January 20 at 5pm and 8pm.

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