New paid parking zone in Sharjah

Sharjah City Municipality had yesterday announced that a few new parking spaces in the emirate will become paid parking areas starting this week.

Sharjah Municipality has introduced new paid parking zone in streets in Umm Al Tarafa area in Sharjah to ensure availability of parking spaces. The municipality announced that the parking fees will be imposed in areas including Abdul Rahman Ibn Awf street, Khalil Mutran street and street No 2 effective from this week.

Officials at the Department of public parking at the municipality said that paid parking machines have already been installed in the area for easy access.

He added that the project will ensure the availability of parking spaces for residents and visitors, shoppers and will minimize the misusing parking space near residential area commercial areas.

The paid parking will stop those who leave their cars parked for long periods of time near shopping areas without taking into consideration the needs of others shoppers or visitors to the parking. It has been noticed that misusing of parking has affected the business of many commercial

It has been noticed that misusing of parking has affected the business of many commercial outlets in many streets in Sharjah. Paid parking was the only solution to these issues which also affected residents who find it difficult to find parking spots near their homes and building.

The project also has been implemented based on the request of many residents and shops in the area.

He stressed that the municipality is keen on providing best services for the public, and also making the payments of the parking fees easy through SMS mode.

“Motorists can also apply for three months, six months orone-yearr parking stickers or cards that are available at Sharjah Municipality,” he added.

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