The purpose of this section is to share news and views relating to things happening in Dubai, and India. It is also a personal announcements section.


    You may post news relating to things that happen in the city, in your community or in your neighbourhood. This news must generally have an Indian perspective, be of use to Indian, in short for Indians, by Indians and of Indians. News that is of high interest or impacts Indians is most welcome.


    This section is to post the big news of India that impacts almost all Indians. This is not meant for regional news but something that has national importance, something that we all Indians must now and discuss about. (Limit to less than 200 words)


    You may post your personal announcements on this page, and it can include Birth, Engagement, Marriage, Divorce, Absconding, and Death. This is not to be used for sending personal greetings on occasions. Limit to less than 100 words.

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