Nobel Museum opens its doors

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The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation (MBRF) has officially launched the third annual Nobel Museum at Children’s City in Dubai Creek Park, offering the public a glimpse into the fascinating world of physics and the work of famous Nobel Laureates, past and present.

The Nobel Museum – which this year bears the theme “The Nobel Prize in Physics: Understanding Matter” – is designed to shed light on the discoveries and achievements of Nobel Laureates in physics and the ways in which they have impacted people’s lives, such as through X-ray machines.

Speaking at the museum on Monday, MBRF Managing Director Jamal bin Huwaireb noted that the museum “offers audiences a glimpse into this field, the most important breakthroughs that have been made and the most prominent scientists who have devoted their lives to studying the universe around us.”

Bin Huwaireb added that the event is in line with Dubai’s own goals of becoming one of the world’s most prominent hubs for learning and science.

“The museum sheds light on prominent and successful scientists who have set an example to be followed if we are serious about building a knowledge-based economy,” he said.

The museum is split into eight sections, which explore X-ray imagery, atoms, elements and matter, stars and the universe, quantum physics, electronics, a cloud chamber in which cosmic particles leave tracks, a virtual reality experience, and the work of Nobel Laureates in physics.

The high-tech museum includes multiple interactive elements. The virtual reality experience, for example, allows visitors to take a journey through the cosmos, while the “rays and waves” section includes two large touch screens that allow visitors to discover the interior of objects and bodies using X-ray imagery.

Among those on hand on Tuesday to experience the museum was Lt. Gen Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, Deputy Chairman of Dubai Police and Public Security, who donned a virtual reality headset.

Physics key to Alfred Nobel’s life

The work of Alfred Nobel, Dr Amelin noted, could not have been accomplished without an in-depth knowledge of physics.

“The Nobel Prize itself might be Alfred Nobel’s most important innovation, but he had earned a fortune developing explosives for the mining and building industries, and later also the military industry,” he said. “Nobel was an engineer and struggled hard in his laboratory and workshops to include both the efficiency and safety of his products.”

“For that our purpose, he needed to know physics, as well as chemistry,” he added. “These two areas were fundamental in his own work and the physics prize was the first prize he mentioned in his last will and testimony. It’s always the first handed out in the Nobel ceremony.”

Theme: The Nobel Prize in Physics: Understanding Matter

Date: February 7 to March 5

Location: Children’s City in Dubai Creek Park

Timing: 9 AM to 8 PM Sunday to Thursday, 3 PM to 8 PM Friday and Saturday

Eight Sections: Rays and Waves, Matter, Stars and the Universe, VR Experience, A Quantum World, Electronics, Detecting the Invisible, Laureates Arena



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