Nol card can now be used to enter Mushrif Park in Dubai

Visitors to Mushrif Park in Dubai can now use their Nol cards to pay the fees for entering the public park.

The Dubai Municipality on Wednesday inaugurated a ‘smart gate’ at the park that allows visitors to use their smart transport card system, under the Roads and Transports Authority (RTA), to enter the park.

The smart gate allows the customer to use the card as a ticket or use a mobile phone that identifies the customer’s Nol card.

The Nol Silver, Gold and Blue cards, as well as the special edition cards designed by RTA, can be used for paying park entrance fees. The fee amount remains the same.

Al Madani said this initiative is part of the Smart Gateway project, which consists of installing Nol card vending machines and smart gates at the entrances to Dubai Municipality’s public parks, so that customers can pay fees to enter the public parks in the emirate using the Nol cards. “These facilities are fast, easy and comfortable and raise customers’ satisfaction with the range of services provided by both the RTA and Dubai Municipality,” said the civic body in a Press statement.

The work on the smart gates project in public parks in Dubai was started in June 2016, with the aim to implement it in July 2017. Based on the agreement signed with the Dubai Municipality, the project includes the development of the system at four public parks: Mushrif Park, Zabeel Park, Mamzar Park, and Creek Park. One of the benefits of this initiative is that the e-gates provided by the RTA will allow for the automatic control of parks in all circumstances, including holidays, free entry days, crises and emergencies.

For the other three parks, infrastructure works are being carried out through the installation of gates and other equipment according to the approved work plan.


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