Not just India, people staying in Singapore and Dubai are facing trouble over Modi’s demonetization


PM Modi’s demonetisation policy may fetch good results in the long run. But currently it’s taking a severe toll on common men who are facing difficulties in getting old notes exchanged and waiting in queue at ATM only to know that there is no cash in it. Life hasn’t been so difficult for daily wagers and software engineers alike, when there is money in account but can’t be used. The irony of money couldn’t have been worse.

At such a juncture, when many daily wagers haven’t eaten ample meals in last few days because they couldn’t stand in queue at the bank fearing a day’s loss of income, things aren’t better for well offs staying abroad.

For the NRIs and foreigners planning a visit to India, the fun isn’t the same anymore. Earlier they would be basking in the idea of meeting Indian friends and visiting historical monuments in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi. Now they can only think of how to get enough cash in hand.


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