On Sunday, Global Village closes for the summer season

It’s the final three nights of the Global Village. On Sunday, it closes for the summer season — and the hunt is on among its multitude of visitors for last-minute bargains.

As a cultural-retail-entertainment hub, Dubai’s multi-national theme park is one of must-visit sites among tourists or expats new to Dubai during the winter. It began its 21st season on 1st November 2016 and will be closed in 8th April 2017.

During its 21-year-run, it’s gone from strength to strength in terms of offerings — it’s where one can sample food, cultural treats, mementos, or simply good vibes from different continents (with 75 countries joining in 30 pavilions), and be treated by cultural shows all around.

As the theme park closes year Saturday, many of the visitors are out on a big hunt for things like leather jackets (Afghanistan/Pakistan pavillions), carpets (Iran), saris and sharwal pieces (India), pottery (Egypt), mosaics and glass art (Turkey/Palestine), spices (Yemen, Saudi, UAE, Oman).

Yet, there’s still so much more to be had, besides the treats for the young ones, of course.



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