Over 1012 Indians in UAE, almost 18% of Indians in jail abroad.

Indians are not just living in foreign countries, but are so languishing in jails abroad. This has been revealed by statistics, obtained through RTI by Kochi-based NGO Human Rights Defense Forum.

It was revelaed that 6,569 Indians are in foreign prisons. On Indian prisoners in 30 countries, the ministry of external affairs said it had ‘nil report.’ The RTI reply also says “this figure keeps changing,” and gives no details about the prisoners or the charges against them.

The Gulf countries have the largest number of Indian prisoners, with 1,691 in Kuwait, 1,161 in Saudi Arabia and 1,012 in the UAE. Among the neighbours, Pakistan holds 253 Indians in its prisons, China has 157 of them and Sri Lanka 63. Languishing in the Nepal prisons are 377 Indians.

T P Sreenivasan, former ambassador of India to the United Nations, said ordinary crimes, drug trafficking and domestic violence land Indians in jails in European countries. “But a large number of prisoners in the Gulf countries are arrested for badly formulated contracts, illegal stay and migration,” he said.

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