Pacesetters 2, chronicles 30 NRIs who made it big

Pacesetters 2 is a 258 page coffee-table book that chronicles the achievements of 30 NRIs who made it big. Authored by UAE-based journalist, Meraj Rizvi, Pacesetters 2 features the inspiring stories of Indian expatriates who have made their mark in the UAE in various walks of life, with a focus on excellence in entrepreneurship.

This is a sequel to Pacesetters first launched in 2010. The second edition is the result of extensive research and interviews with the achievers over a year period. The readers will have the feel of being told the story personally by the achievers themselves.

The 30 people featured, including three women in Pacesetters2 , are Anil Bhardwaj, Mohan Valrani, Raj Shetty, Raza Baig, GB Choithram, Navin Kapoor, Suri Lulla, Satish Seemar, Jacky Panjabi, Nicole Rodrigues, Surender Singh Kandhari, Bimal Bhatia, Murij Manghnani, Raju Jethwani, Y. Rajeev Reddy, Deepak Babani, Dr Bharat Bhutaney, K. Rajaram, Omana Menon, Faizal Kottikollon, Shyam Bhatia, Vinesh K. Bhimani, Sudesh K. Aggarwal, Kulwant Singh, Shaji Ul Mulk, Rizwan Sajan, Amit Dhamani, Rajiv Bhatia, Ashok Kumar and Dr. Hitesh Bodani.

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