Paras Shahdadpuri

chairmans_imgA former diplomat who quit his job with India’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and started his own business in 1988, Shahdadpuri is no stranger to taking risks. Currently the chairman of twelve companies of the Nikai Group, he has built up a formidable brand that competes with major Japanese and Korean rivals.

Nikai now has a range of around 400 products with over 15 million consumers in about 60 countries. It has become a household name and it has earned Shahdadpuri the nickname as Mr Reliable.

Shahdadpuri is also former president of the Indian Business & Professional Council, a role he relished by promoting Indian companies and investment abroad.

He was awarded the prestigious Bharat Shiromani award in the year 2005 in recognition of his contributions and achievements as a prominent non-resident Indian. “I believe that the people who attribute everything to luck and fate are those who lack confidence in their own ability and are not willing to work hard with self confidence,” he said.

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