Pet shops may be allowed to register animals and buyers via app

Dubai Municipality is considering allowing pet shops to use the Aleef app to register details of pets and pet owners so that they can be added to the database of the app.

The app handles records of pets, owners, pet adoption, registration, treatment and pet care.

Heba Al Shehi, head of Applications Development Section in the IT Department of the municipality, said the Veterinary Services Section had been asked to allow the pet shops to use a login feature to enter the app and submit all data about the animals and the names of the buyers without the need to visit the section in Al Khawaneej.

The app is a smart platform for current pet owners and would-be owners to improve the management, adoption and care of pets in Dubai under the municipality’s regulations. All pet information (via public and private clinics) is managed through the mobile phone or smart device.

It also facilitates the announcements of lost and found animals as well as stray animals. The application provides substantial information on pet ownership, as well as helps pet owners in Dubai in digitally forwarding the information and history of pets, which increases transparency between all public and private clinics.

Hashim Al Awadi, Head of Veterinary Services Section, said through the app, the section received 41,000 requests for registering animals, 39,000 requests for treatment, 380 reports on stray animals, 258 requests for adoption and 100 requests for pet ownership change last year.

Through the app, customers can know the required procedures and documents, which include service request forms, and submit them through the municipality’s e-window. The user should submit a copy of his passport or identity card for availing the service.



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