Rain, thunderstorms to continue in UAE until Monday

If you’re one of many residents wondering if this bad weather is set to continue battering parts of the country, then the answer is yes, for a few more days at least.

According to forecasters, thunderstorms are expected to continue to hit the UAE over the coming days, but we should start feeling a respite from Tuesday.

“The unstable conditions will continue throughout Saturday until Monday. There will be heavy rain and thunder until late Monday night,” Dr Ahmed Habib, a meteorologist at the National Centre for Metrology and Semiology (NCMS) told Khaleej Times on Saturday.
“We expect more rain, thunderstorm and lightning over the coming days. Strong winds will also blow dust.”

He said the unstable conditions we have been witnessing over the last few days have been caused by low pressure in the upper air and cloud movement from the west to east.

On Saturday, a total of 15 inbound flights were diverted to neighbouring airports due to the unstable weather conditions, a statement from the Dubai Airports said. The heavy rains also caused multiple flight disruptions in the national Capital.

With forecasters predicting the wintry weather to continue over the next few days, passengers are being urged to check the status of their flights before heading to the airport.

Dr Habib said heavy to moderate rain was received in most parts of the UAE on Friday and Saturday and that more than 100 millimetres of rain was recorded across the UAE over that period.

Speaking about the temperature, he said, mercury is set to remain fairly low in some parts of the country (mainly the inner parts), with the lowest temperatures reaching about 15 degrees Celcius.

Plans scuppered, but rain welcomed

For Abu Dhabi-based Kenyan expatriate, Kenneth Wephapha, Saturday’s wet weather ruined his plans for a weekend dedicated to scenic views.

“I had planned a visit to Ras Al Khaimah this weekend to see the mountains there but I couldn’t go because of the bad weather.”

According to RAK officials, 480 emergency cases, including landslides, were reported due to showers in the last three days.

With small pools of water forming overnight near his compound as a result of the rain, Wephapha has not been the only one affected.

“There has been water logging near residential compounds and in some of the small streets passing through the residential area too,” Hossam Mohammed, a resident of Mohammed Bin Zayed City said.

“I spent the whole weekend a home because of the bad weather. We couldn’t go out with my family for barbeque at the Corniche.”

Urging residents to enjoy the weather but take precautions, Dr Habib said: “People should be careful while moving out and motorists should drive with caution because of the slippery roads as a result of the rain.”

He also warned fishermen and beachgoers against venturing into the sea over the coming days because of the bad weather.




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