Rajen Kilachand, Dodsal Group

RJ-ddFounded more than six decades ago in Mumbai, the Dodsal Group has grown into a multinational conglomerate with interests in engineering, mining, trading and hospitality. And its chairman and president Rajen Kilachand has no plans to stop there.

“My aim is to have the company build on its existing strengths in the EPC sector and develop into a group which becomes a knowledge-based conglomerate and a manufacturer of high technology products for nuclear, space and defence,” Kilachand says in a note on his group’s website.

“The post Second World War period was dominated by Western and Japanese companies in these sectors. The next five years will see the emergence of my group as the first Middle East-based company with the same expertise combining technology, manpower and knowledge of Asia, Middle East and the Orient to compete in the global arena.”

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