Real Time info on Public Transport made available

We know about the efficiency of the bus and metro system around our city but for those who are not regular uses of the public transport, getting relevant information is not so straightforward. If you find your daily routine is broken and you need to find a quick fix you may not have access to information that could help you through your day. This is where the RTA’s new bus and metro info system helps provide real time information on routes and timings.


So whether your car is broken down, your bus is not on time or you need to travel through an unknown route, all your transport info is just an SMS away.

The format to be followed is: letter <D>, followed by space < >, followed by <the information you have>.

If you put in (D), space and the bus station number, you will get info on all the bus routes crossing that station.

Sending (D), space and the route number, would give information on timings for that route

Timings for a specific route can be found by typing (D), (space), (bus station number), (route number)

Similarly for metro information: (D), (space), (platform information) including station name, metro line and platform name (e.g. Khalid bin Al Waleed Station of the Red Line, Jebel Ali Platform)


Timings should be in 24 hours format.

Normal SMS rates are applicable.