Rekha hides her age in Super Nani


Yesteryears’siren Rekha debut as a ‘Nani’ – maternal grandmother is about the only thing worth watching in this hackneyed blot of a movie. Based on the Gujarati play ‘Baa Ae Maari Boundry’ (Mother Hits a Boundary), the movie stars Sharman Joshi, Randhir Kapoor, Anupam Kher and Rajesh Kumar. Directed and produced by Indra Kumar the music is scored by Harshit Saxena and Sanjeev-Darshan.

The story revolves around the transformation of Rekha from a door-mat mother to a super glamorous model in a bid to win respect from her family. Sharman Joshi returns from abroad to find his Nani down in the pits and lifts her self-esteem to new heights at the chagrin of her selfish kids and chauvinist husband.

Go and watch if you have nothing better to do but the movie earned not more than two stars in most reviews.

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