Revealed: Top sectors hiring in UAE today

UAE professionals with healthcare qualifications and experience are more likely to find a job today than most of their peers, as the industry continued to show a high demand for new talent.

Across the Middle East, there are job opportunities in businesses operating in the information technology and telecommunications, production, manufacturing and consumer goods industries, among many others.

Candidates who are willing to work in customer service, or in purchase, logistics and supply chain roles are also likely to land new employment offers.

These are the trends highlighted in the recently released Monster Employment Index, which tracks thousands of job listings online across the region.

According to the index, online hiring in the UAE declined by 31 per cent in December compared to a year earlier, but showed a 4 per cent improvement from November.

Sanjay Modi, managing director of Asia Pacific and Middle East, said the healthcare industry has been one of the top performers in the UAE, with recruitment spiking in February 2016, when the year-on-year growth reached 76 per cent. Throughout the year, the industry maintained an average year-on-year growth of almost 20 per cent.

The trend reflects the UAE government’s aspirations with regards to attracting top talent to help drive the economy. It was announced on Sunday that the government will issue entry visas to attract “exceptional” experts in the medical field, as well as in scientific, research, technological and cultural domains.

“It is not surprising that the healthcare sector performed well on our MEI in 2016 as the UAE government places the nation’s healthcare system at high priority and aims to have one of the strongest healthcare systems in the world in line with the National Agenda and 2021 visions,” said Modi in a statement.

“There have been a number of developments in the field which may have contributed to the high demand in professionals in the healthcare industry.”



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