Riya Tulpule age 12 pushes 600+ kgs

Believe it or not, but a girl aged 12 pushes 600+ kgs of electronic waste into the recyle pit.

A very young Indian student of the Gems Modern Academy doggedly pursues her goal and surpasses it. Riya Tulpule, daughter of Rahul and Deepali Tulpule set about saving the earth one kg at a time. Helped by her video that went viral, and her family’s logistics support, she recycled over 600 kgs of electronic waste. In association with EnviroServe, a Dubai-based electrical goods recycling company, she disposed
her first three batches of waste in an ecological manner. Dubai Municipality has now offered to recycle her last batch of waste.

Riya embarked on her mission when she discovered old phones at home that her mother did not have the time to take to a recycling centre nor the time to delete the data. Realising that others may have the same problem she first discovered how to delete data, which was as simple as putting them in salt-water. She then started a drive in her building to collect unused laptops, computers, mobile device, sound systems, and other electronic equipment which later got extended across Dubai to her family’s relatives, friends and colleagues.

Riya Tulpule started with 5 phones at home but did not stop there. What’s stopping us from taking stock of the electronic waste lying at home and offices ? Let’s get inspired by her and dispose our electronic junk, she has done her bit, it’s time to do ours.

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