Pay your traffic fines in installments – Sharjah

Image Courtesy Khaleej Times

The Sharjah Police have launched an initiative that will let motorists pay their accumulated traffic fines in instalments. The scheme will also help motorists with expired registration cards renew their vehicle permits.

Col Dr Ahmed Al Naoor, acting director of the Traffic and Patrols Department of the Sharjah Police, pointed out that the initiative of paying traffic fines in instalments comes as part of the police’s keenness to ease the burden on the public, and to help people renew their car registration.

Col Dr Naoor explained that the of the instalment mechanism will be applicable only for individual vehicle owners and not for companies. Only vehicles registered in the UAE can avail of the facility, he said, adding that vehicles registered in other countries or those prepared for export will not be included in the instalment scheme.

Of the total fines accumulated, the vehicle owner will have to pay all other fines for violations committed outside Sharjah and 50 per cent of the amount of the fines for violations committed inside the emirate. The remaining 50 per cent could be paid later in the year. However, if the owner wants to sell or export the vehicle or transfer the ownership to somebody else, it could be done only after paying the remaining amount.

Col Al Naoor added that minimum instalment amount to pay will be Dh1,000.

He called on motorists who have accumulated traffic fines and renewed their car registrations to benefit from the initiative.



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