Sharjah teenager commits suicide after tiff with her dad

A 16-year-old Indian girl died on the spot after she jumped off the seventh floor of her building in Al Majaz area. The police’s initial investigation revealed she committed suicide after a heated argument with her father.

The teenager has been identified as Aswathi Ajay Kumar, a Grade 11 student of Sharjah Indian School.

The police said that the operations room got a call at 12:30 pm, after which they dispatched a team comprising of CID, patrol and crime scene officers, forensic expert and an ambulance, which rushed to the site.

However, they found the girl already dead in a pool of blood, from severe damage to her skull and various parts of the body.

According to the initial investigation, the girl argued with her father over a financial matter on Monday morning; she was planning to buy gifts for her mother on the occasion of Mother’s Day. She then went to her room, shut the door and jumped from the balcony.

The police have taken the father into custody at Al Buhairah police station, for interrogation. Aswathi’s mother was rushed to Al Kuwaiti hospital after she went into a state of shock.

Al Kuwaiti hospital staff said that the deceased girl was brought in by the national ambulance and transferred to the forensic laboratory for autopsy to aid the investigation.

A relative of the family, which hails from Thrissur in Kerala, said that Aswathi has a brother, Aravinda in Grade 12 at the same school. He described them as a happy family and long-time Sharjah residents, saying the children were polite, well-mannered, studious, smart and very attached to their parents.

The suicide has come as shock to all members of their extended family.

Jalila K, a witness, said she was waiting in the street for her children’s school bus, when she saw a crowd gather close by. “When I rushed over, I saw a girl with long hair lying there, but did not recognise her due to the blood all over. She was then covered with some sheets provided by someone in the neighbourhood, until the police arrived,” she said.

“My daughter, who knew the girl, said she was nice and cheerful, but also shy and sensitive,” Jalila added.

Srikar V.K., Aswathi’s schoolmate, said the news has shocked the students and staff. “Her exams are scheduled to start tomorrow and she prepared well for it. This is really sad news for us,” he said.

The police stated that while 2015 witnessed a number of suicides by students due to stress at school or disagreements with their parents, there were no such deaths reported in 2016. A senior official said that children in the adolescent stage of life need to be treated carefully as they undergo physical, mental and hormonal changes that make them sensitive to issues and pressures. He urged parents to be patient with their teenage children and deal lovingly with them.



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