Shootout at Wadala : Beefy dialogues and bodies 2 out of 5

Once more the thrill of gangsterism takes centre-stage with Sanjay Gupta’s action-violence-abuses packed take on Mumbai’s underworld. The movie, based on S Hussan Zaidi’s book, Dongri to Dubai, is set in the late 70’s when Mumbai police staged its first encounter. Starring John Abraham, Anil Kapoor and Kangana Raut in lead roles, this movie could have been Sanjay Gupta’s based if it was not for the strenuous effort on dialogues that look so out-of-character.

John Abraham is tough to accept as a scholar turned killer while Kangna is clearly a spent force. Priyanka Chopra as the very Badmaash Babli and Sunny Leone as the impossibly curvy Laila try to titillate the audience, but it really doesn’t work. Manoj Bajpai shines in his limited role while a other few handful of characters not missing Sheikh Munir played by Tusshar Kapor fail to impress. You come out of the movie with a head-ache from all the non-stop action and dialogues.

Shot as a flash-back while Manya Surve is being bled to death by a cop interested in hearing his story, on the way to the hospital. You have to run through Manya’s life story as well as Inspector Aafaaque’s (Anil Kapoor) saga on cops and khakhi. Expectedly the movie ends in the morgue.

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