Smoke detector systems mandatory for all Sharjah homes

By 2018, all homes in Sharjah will be obliged to install smoke detection devices, unveiled a senior Sharjah Civil Defence official.

At a press conference held at Sahara Centre, Lieutenant Colonel Sami Al Naqbi, Director of Sharjah Civil Defence, said that to ensure the safety of all members of society, it will be obligatory to fix the smoke detection device. Currently this is only optional; so the move will help in the early detection of smoke and the prevention of fire accidents as soon as the smoke alarm rings.

“Early detection of smoke can positively contribute to avoiding and controlling tragic fire accidents. Early intervention will positively contribute to lowering the spread of fire and early intervention to douse the flames before they spread which can lead to death and property damage in millions.”

Lt Colonel Al Naqbi added that during the current year, various awareness campaigns will be held and particularly starting from the coming week. A campaign will be held for three days mainly aimed at inculcating the importance of adhering to rules and regulations to avoid the spread of fire and stress the importance of early detection smoke alarms.

“The cost of the smoke detection alarm is convenient for everyone – around Dhs4,000 – depending on the number of rooms in each home – which are well equipped to enable differently-abled persons to use them effectively. We allocated two attested companies that will be in charge of selling smoke detection devices. During this phase this will cover various residential areas in the emirate. In the future, we will make deals with other companies that are adhering to safety rules set by the Civil Defence.”

Lt Colonel Al Naqbi added that smoke devices have sensors that detect the faintest trace of smoke. Some devices are for smoke detection while others are for flame and gas leakages. The smoke device is attested by the Civil Defence and works via wireless networks. It has permanent electricity that enables immediate transfer of sound from one detector to another in the home. It is very easy to use and connect and can be connected to the operations room of the police to lead to the main location of the accident.

Al Naqbi pointed out that a majority of fire accidents occurring at homes claimed the lives of many people. They are usually sudden and at times when everyone is asleep – thus leading to the inhalation of poisonous carbon monoxide.

“People must react immediately when they hear smoke alarms ringing. They should immediately evacuate the place and stay away from smoke and heat and should use fire extinguishers to douse the flames before they spread. They should never stay at a burning home when smoke is dense and should immediately contact the emergency number.”

According to Al Naqbi, the awareness campaign will cover all areas in Sharjah and its affiliated cities in addition to parks and shopping malls and centres. It will be conducted all year long to increase people’s awareness about the importance of installing smoke detection alarms.

“We will also educate people about how to operate such systems. We will distribute devices free of charge to residents of some areas. The Civil Defence at the Ministry of Interior has kicked off a campaign titled ‘Smoke detectors for safer homes’. The campaign encourages people to use the detectors at homes and comes as part of the main strategy of the Ministry of Interior to encourage their usage at homes. Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Interior, stressed the importance of implementing strategies that aim at consolidating and enhancing protection and safety.

“The campaign will stress the importance of implementing preventive measures and precautionary measures at buildings, warehouses and commercial outlets to ensure fire accidents are curbed. We will also coordinate with companies’ fire detection alarms to ensure they offer it at a reasonable price.”

Dr Hesham Shakeeb, administrative director of the Firex factory in Sharjah, said that the company is the first in the emirate to be offered a license to distribute smoke detection devices. The prices range from Dhs800 and do not exceed Dhs4,000, depending on the number of rooms. The devices cover 80 sq m in detection of smoke.

“We are planning to visit 1,000 homes at various stages to increase people’s awareness about the importance of using smoke devices. We will connect them at some homes free of charge.”


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