Some routine worries that Dubai-ites deal with


Getting into a decent job, finding an affordable accommodation and clearing the tests to get a driving licence are some of the challenges that most Dubai residents face.

But once settled, there are some fears that residents live with on a daily basis. We look at some routine worries that Dubai-ites deal with:

1: The fear of getting fined

Over-speeding is one the primary driving offences in Dubai, with performance cars and smooth roads to match adding to the equation. A simple slip of mind while approaching a side lane where the speed limit drops from 100km/h to 60km/h will have you paying a neat sum.

In case you are using public transport, you need to make sure that you don’t eat or drink in the Metro or bus. For men, getting into the ladies’ coach of the Metro can set them back by Dh200.

2: Making the wrong lane choices

Taking a wrong turn or getting into a wrong lane can be a nightmare for any Dubai commuter. A single wrong decision for lane change can make you drive for kilometres on end before you get back on track.

You may be safer in case you are using navigation to reach to your destination. But there are places in Dubai where technology will misguide you as new lanes might have come up and old ones might have disappeared in a matter of days. Additionally, with several road construction projects going on all across Dubai, it is not unusual to get lost on these crisscross of temporary lanes and bylanes.

3: The fear of the rising rent

While Dubai offers luxurious accommodations, most expats will say that rents are relatively high in the emirate. Dubai tenants are constantly aware of rental levels throughout the year as they like to be forearmed with hard stats when the time comes for their contract renewal.

If the rents have been inching up and moving beyond their budget, they remain on a lookout for a more affordable place to live in, or simply so that they can save more.

4: The fear of getting lost in malls

Even if you are a frequent visitor to the malls, you can never be sure of store locations and directions. Shopping in the sprawling malls of Dubai can be stressful at times. It is not unusual to find yourself doing rounds around the same corridors, hunting for a single store you have visited several times.

Any yes, shopping in Dubai Mall can be a real challenge. Walking through the massive mall for shopping can end up giving you achy legs.

5: The fear of not finding parking

Even if you have found a way of locating parking near your office during weekdays, it’s the weekend parking-hunt in a mall that is becoming the most feared for some. Many residents dread going to malls on the weekends as it could take hours to find a slot. There are many who stay away from malls on weekends simply for this reason. You can end up doing rounds of the multi-storied parking and finally decide to go back home disappointed.

6: The fear of the AC going bust

It won’t be wrong to say that air conditioners are lifelines of Dubai residents during the scorching summer months. The AC at you work and home keeps you going all day. But what if it decides to go bust in the middle of the night?

7: Commuting on the Dubai-Sharjah road

Commuting on the Dubai-Sharjah road is terrifying for hundreds of residents who travel on the road every day. There are times when commuters get stuck for hours in slow-moving traffic. Many people prefer staying at work longer to avoid getting stuck in peak-time traffic.

Do you have any such fear that you’d like to share?

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