Suriya charms UAE fans at ‘Singam 3’ premiere


It was a moment to cherish for Suriya’s fans when the Tamil star greeted everyone at Star Galleria Cinemas at the Hyatt Regency in Dubai on Thursday. The South Indian star was in the city for the premiere of his latest blockbuster, Singam 3, which marks his return as a policeman in the successful franchise that began in 2010.

The first time Suriya, who popularly goes by one name, donned a police uniform was for Gautham Menon’s action drama Kaakha Kaakha, in which he played Anbu Selvam.

“In 2010 when Durai Singam was introduced and brand Singam came into being, we did not think then that there would be a part two and a part three,” Suriya told Gulf News tabloid!

He went on compare his policeman roles. “The cop of Kaakha Kaakha was more stylised and hard-hitting.

“Durai Singam is more of a family man. His story is deeply rooted in a village and comes with uncertainties of his profession. He gave importance to his family and even contemplated quitting his profession for his family in the first part. [Director] Hari sir gave many dimensions to this policeman. There were a lot of sensibilities about Durai Singam that I could connect [to]. This is close to my heart. Somewhere he grew in me.”

With part two, the challenges were bigger as the policeman moved from a village to the city. The third part comes after seven years, with none of the characters changed.

“Having grown up in Tamil Nadu I am aware of the happenings around. I also have friends who are senior police officers. During informal chats with them, I have heard their stories and understood that a police commissioner is not just a duty-ridden officer,” says the father-of-two. “He is more like a collector with similar powers and sees things in a wider perspective. Hari sir had a design for Durai Singam, he writes the dialogues. My job was to make it real on screen.”

About his association with director Hari, Suriya says they understand each other well.

“It’s more than a professional relationship. We have a good interaction. He understands how he should make me behave on screen. We don’t have any big arguments. I think somewhere there is a similarity in the way we have been brought up by our families.

In his 20-year acting career, Suriya has explored different characters, such as the businessman with amnesia in Ghajini or double roles.




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